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Administrative Assistant 
Welcome! I am Dianne Trammel and I have lived in Murphysboro since 1978. I attended grade schools at St. John the Baptist School in West Frankfort, IL, Golconda and Grafton, IL. and graduated from Shawnee High School in Wolf Lake, IL. Before settling back down in Southern Illinois, I lived in Arizona, Germany and Georgia when my husband was in the Army. As a member of Saint Andrew Church since 1978 and having raised four children who attended Saint Andrew School, this is my home away from home. My employment at SAS began in 1989 as the Administrative Assistant and I wear many hats which include, managing the office and everything that goes on there, to “school nurse” , “janitor”, “computer trouble shooter”, and the list goes on. When my two grandchildren started attending I was the resident “grandma” in that when the kindergarten students saw me they always said “Hi, grandma” because that is what my grandson would say. Working here is not just a job, IT IS MY VOCATION!
We have great teachers and staff who are dedicated and care about each student’s needs. Come check us out! We would love to have you join our Saint Andrew School family.
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