Saint Andrew School

Welcome to our SPEECH CLUB PAGE! SPONSOR: Jessica Davis

Speech Team Practices will be held on Wednesday's from 3:00pm to 3:45pm in the 8th grade classroom.

Snacks - The following students have signed up to bring snacks to practice. There are 13 students in speech total.

October 11th- Teresa and Mason
October 18th- Paige
October 23rd- Abbey and Delaney
November 1st- Morgan

If your student has not brought in snacks yet and is not on the list, they are more than welcome to contribute to a snack on a day with only one person signed up.

Memorize Speeches by October 18th

I would like all students to have their speeches roughly memorized by October 11th. This gives us plenty of time to practice and adjust things leading up to our first meet. Any support you can give your student at home by going over lines with them is appreciated. If your student is struggling to memorize, I am more than happy to work with them. Speeches must be memorized completely by October 18th.

There are usually 3 Speech Meets.  Each student is asked to bring a tray of cookies to each meet.
  1. Saturday, November 4 at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Herrin.  An exact schedule for the day has not yet been released. Students will need to wear their Sunday best.
  2. TBA
  3. Saturday, April 14  - TBA



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