Saint Andrew School

Saint Andrew School is a center for discipleship that provides academic excellence and a social consciousness within a disciplined, caring, and safe environment.  Saint Andrew is a Catholic parochial school, whose faculty and staff members work as co-partners with families and the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint Ann and Saint Francis Xavier, striving to empower students to become more conscious and active in their faith.  It is our belief that focusing on these areas will promote the foundation of our students as Christians and high-achieving citizens which allows them to take their place as active, responsible members of our world. 



147 (Pre-K - 8th Grade)

Pre-K -23

Kindergarten - 23

Grade 1 - 18

Grade 2 - 21

Grade 3 - 8

Grade 4 - 11

Grade 5 - 14

Grade 6 - 16

Grade 7 - 8

Grade 8 - 12

Classroom Teachers - 14

Student to Teacher Ratio - 12 to 1 

Resource Teacher - 1

Hours in School Day for Students - 6 hours and 45 minutes

Student Body Type - Co-Ed 


Our History

In 1872, Father Jungmann, shortly after he became the pastor of Saint Andrew Church, dreamed of having a school, "whose scholars would build churches."  Father Jungmann organized the first school in a room in his own house.  The room was 15 feet by 18 feet, a sloping ceiling, a big fireplace and one window. He employed a lay teacher, Katherine Horn, and paid her most of the time from his own pocket. It was reported that 70 children were attending the school in 1873.  A new school was built in 1875.  It was a square box with windows on all four sides.

Since then a new school has been built, enrollment continues to grow, our faith in God deepens with each passing moment and we are now renovating and adding on to the existing school.  

 --History of Saint Andrew's Parish 1868-1968


A Vision for Continued Flourishing

For over 140 years, Saint Andrew School has served a large regional population, maintaining high standards of excellence that have contributed to the flourishing of individual students, their families and the larger communities in which they live.   We serve students and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds, faith traditions and socioeconomic experiences, offering a tranformational combination of educational excellence, faith and stewardship.  In order to continue investing in the future of our students and the communities they serve and contribute to, it is necessary to invest in the school's infrastructure.

Over the next three years, we will be improving our school for our community and families.  Our goals are to unite all of the school children in one building, elminate the outdated temporty modular classrooms, renovate the existing 47+ year-old school building, mondernize the overall school infrastructure, and create a new multi-purpose Activity Center. 


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