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Attention Kroger Shoppers!

…shop at Kroger? Did you know that you can help Saint Andrew School each and every time you shop at Kroger, simply by scanning your Kroger Plus card? That’s right! You do it anyway to get those great savings – now you can EARN MONEY for the SCHOOL TOO!

Here are the simple steps to take to Register your Card for Kroger Community Rewards! You can Register One of Two ways – By Phone, or by your Electronic Device.


1) Call 1-800-KROGERS (576-4377)

2) Wait for the automated Prompts, and Select Option #3 – “Loyalty Card/Community Rewards Program”

3) Once selected, a Customer Service Representative will come on and help you set-up your Kroger Plus Card to help earn for “Saint Andrew School” in Murphysboro, Organization Number “10349.” Make sure you have your Kroger Plus Card handy!

Electronic Device:

1) Go to:

2) From the Drop Down Menu Choose “Community,” and then “Kroger Community Rewards.”

3) Here is where you will need to Create an Account – filling in your Location (example, 62966 for our Zip Code – then hit FIND to find your store/location or you will not be able to move on! ), come up with a Password, along with filling in your Email. Don’t worry, you can choose whether or not you receive Communication – such as Coupons from Kroger!

4) When you are taken to the next page, you will then fill in your Loyalty Card Number (Kroger Plus Card Number) and Last Name.

5) The next page will take you to your Account Summary. Toward the very Bottom you will see “Community Rewards.” This is where you need to make sure you are donating to “Saint Andrew School.” “Saint” IS spelled out if you have to search for it – and our Organization Number is “10349.”

It is so very important that each and every one of us enroll our cards to earn money for our school. Kroger pulled out of the Scrip program, so this is the only way we can earn anything back, and last year we only had 30 families from the school and Parish signed up for Kroger Community Rewards. It does take a few minutes of your time, but for earning every time your card is swiped at the checkout; it is a WONDERFUL and easy way to fundraise! Thank you in advance for enrolling and for your time! ~The Saint Andrew School Faculty and Families

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