Saint Andrew School
Capital Campaign

The purpose of the " Growing Our Heritage Capital Campaign  ” initiative, which began in October 2016, is to raise capital dollars necessary  to renovate, add-on and upgrade Saint Andrew School.  

We successfully raised funding for Phase I with construction completed in December 2017. This segment of the project consisted of adding square footage to the front of the school building in the way of a classroom, new office space, (which will open up classroom space in the existing building), teacher work space, conference room, three bathrooms and an annex to the church.Phase II fundraising efforts are beginning in the summer of 2018. It will consist of removing the modular buildings from behind the school so that we can add square footage as well as reconfigure the existing gym into education space: Proposed Phase 2 highlights are as follows:

  • A Center for “STREAM” Excellence (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math) 
  • Multiple new Classrooms with Learning Lab 
  • An Arts and Recreation Center (ARC) that features a full-size basketball and volleyball court accompanied by an indoor walking track and a Performing Arts Theater/Multipurpose Studio that will be available for regional community venues

The new space will also allow for the enhancement, development, and/or expansion of existing spaces such as the library and multilingual learning area (students begin bilingual courses in pre-K) as well as the resource area

The successful outcome of the Growing Our Heritage Capital Campaign will allow Saint Andrew to continue its tradition of educational distinction and advance the continued flourishing of its students and the many communities they are a part of, including the global community; the human family. An investment in this pursuit will yield dividends for our students with a value beyond measure-a future informed by values rooted in faith, reason, stewardship, love of neighbor and service to others.

Please consider participating in the "Growing Our Heritage Capital Campaign." Your support will honor the efforts and accomplishments of the past and provide the necessary resources for future generations of students to carry on the tradition that is SAINT ANDREW SCHOOL! 

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