Saint Andrew School
Saint Andrew School is accredited by the Diocese of Belleville and recognized and accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education.
Illinois State Board of Education(ISBE) defines a recognized school as being registered with ISBE for at least one school year, the school has filed an extensive application dealing with school policies, curricula, personnel, and student health and safety. In addition, the school has been visited by a small team to confirm this information; the school is revisited by a team every few years. Fundamentally, a recognized school is a school acknowledged to be in substantial compliance with various requirements of state statute and regulation. It should be noted that recognition (a matter of compliance) is different from accreditation (a judgment about the quality of instruction). Accreditation involves an intensive examination of some or all of a school’s curricula, the qualifications of its staff, the appropriateness of its library holdings, etc. ISBE does not accredit any school—accreditation is accomplished through independent third parties. A school may be accredited simultaneously by more than one accrediting body at the same time.  
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