Saint Andrew School


Tuition subject to change for the next school year.

Fees paid by credit card will be charged applicable transaction fees.

Saint Andrew School uses a 3-tiered tuition model for our K-8 grades and a set rate tuition model for our Pre-K students. The tiered model allows you to choose through your own careful thought, prayer and honest consideration, which tier you can afford.

The only government funding we receive is through the Free/Reduced Lunch Program which is limited and remains in the food program. We do not receive funding through property taxes or sales tax. Our funding for the rest of the school comes from tuition, financial commitments from Saint Andrew Church, Saint Ann Church and Saint Francis Xavier Church, and the generosity of others. The community of Saint Andrew School asks that when you think about your financial commitment toward your child/children’s education, please keep in mind that if you are unable to select the full tuition rate of $5,360.00; your child/children’s tuition is funded by the generosity of others. It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of prayerful consideration in selecting a tuition rate as well as the expectation of participation in the school fund raisers, activities and duties for the school.

A $25.00 registration fee per family is to be paid to the school upon registration.  Preschool and K-8 Fees are due by July 10 through Smart Tuition.  Tuition is paid through Smart Tuition from August through May.

Registration Fee (PK - 8)                                                                                            $25.00 per family payable to Saint Andrew School

Pre-Kindergarten Fees                                                                                                 $210.00

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition                            1-child full-time                                 $3,700.00

                                                                        Each additional pk child in family     $2,700.00

                                                                        Part-time mornings (5 days a week)  $2,700.00

                                                                        Part-time 3 days a week                     $2, 900.00

Kindergarten milk for afternoon snack time                                                         $61.60 for the year


K-8 Book & Activity Fees                           1 child                                                  $275.00

                                                                       2 children                                             $445.00

                                                                       3 children                                             $615.00

                                                                       4 children                                             $785.00

                                                                       5 children                                             $935.00


K – 8 Tuition Full Tuition Rate                  Each child                                            $5,360.00

K -8 Partially subsidized Tuition Rate     1 child – partially subsidized                 $4,550.00

                                                                       2 children - partially subsidized            $6,550.00

                                                                       3 children - partially subsidized            $8,350.00

                                                                       4 children - partially subsidized            $8,550.00

                                                                       5 children - partially subsidized            $8,750.00


K - 8 Subsidized Tuition Rate                     1 child – subsidized                               $3,500.00

                                                                       2 children – subsidized                          $5,500.00

                                                                       3 children – subsidized                          $7,300.00

                                                                       4 children – subsidized                          $7,500.00

                                                                       5 children – subsidized                          $7,770.00

To apply for a tuition scholarship go to EMPOWERILLINOIS.ORG  Funds are available on a first come first serve basis based on income level.

If you do not qualify or did not receive an Award Confirmation from Empower Illinois and you still need assistance
you must complete an application through SMARTAIDFORPARENTS.COM.  Our school code is 05881. Applications should
be completed before June 30.

*Tuition may be paid in full for the entire year by August 1. Please inform the school office of your intention to pay in full by July 1.

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