Saint Andrew School
Dress Code

Dress Code:   The dress code will be followed and enforced throughout the entire school year except on those days designated by approval of the principal.  Students are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Modesty in dress is a value consistent with Catholic teachings. Clothing should reflect this value.
  • All attire must be neat, clean and of the appropriate size for the individual student.
  • Excessively baggy clothing, tight form-fitting clothing, army fatigues, cut-offs, clothing with holes, or frayed edges are not permissible.

Dress Code Policy

Shirts/Blouses: Only the following shirts/blouses are permitted: red, navy blue or white polo shirts (These may be plain or with the Saint Andrew logo.), white collared blouses or white button down oxford shirts. Red or white turtlenecks may only be worn beneath polo or oxford shirts. Shirts must have sleeves, long or short (no cap or sleeveless). All students must wear their shirts tucked in. Shirts must not be low-cut (i.e. below collar bone)

Pants/Skirts/ Shorts/ Jumpers: Only the following are permitted: Solid color cotton/polyester khaki or navy pants, Capri’s, shorts, skirts, orjumpers in khaki or navy. Must fit appropriately at waist, no stretchy and/or tight-fitting. Pant legs must not touch the ground. Length of skirts and shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee when measured from the floor in a kneeling position. A brown or black belt is required for students in grades 6 through 8.

Socks/Shoes: Only the following shoes are permitted: Athletic shoes; brown, navy blue, or black loafers, lace- up or Mary Janes (girl’s shoes with straps) with less than a 1 inch heel and below the ankle (no boots, clogs, sandals, Crocs, flip flops or open back/open toed shoes). Socks (cuffed or ankle) and shoes must be worn at all times. Girls may wear tights. Socks and tights must be plain, solid white, red, navy blue, khaki or black.

Sweaters/sweatshirts: Only solid red, navy blue or white are permitted to be worn in class. No logos other than the Saint Andrew School logo are permitted.

Jewelry: Only small, non-distracting, jewelry with religious significance or charitable cause may be worn. Necklaces should be limited to just a simple gold or silver chain. Only ears may be pierced. Earrings must only be studs or small hoop earrings that hug the earlobe. Students are responsible for their own jewelry.

Make-up: Light/natural looking make-up may be worn only by girls in grades 6-8. Make-up should not be applied at school. Neutral/light nail polish is permissible for girls. Students are not permitted to have body art or tattoos, permanent or temporary.

Hair/Accessories: Hair should be neat and clean. Bangs should be no longer than the eyebrows. Boys’ hair should be no longer than the top of their shirt collar. Only natural hair colors are permitted. Headbands/hair accessories should only be red, white, navy blue, black or brown.

PLEASE NOTE: All pants, shorts, skirts and jeans should be plain. NO embroidery appliqués, or other embellishments are permitted.

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