Saint Andrew School
Immunization/Health Form Requirements
All health forms are to be submitted to the office before the first day of school. All new students are required to submit a physical and immunizations record. 


Children must receive physical examinations prior to entering Illinois schools for the first time, prior to entering kindergarten, prior to entering sixth grade, and prior to entering ninth grade. 
Immunizations that are required by age 3 - 3 doses of HepB, 4 doses of DTaP, 3 doses in series of Hib, 3 doses of IPV, one dose of MMR, and one dose of Varicella
Immunizations required for Kindergarten are  a 5th dose of DTap, a 4th dose of IPV, a 2nd dose of MMR, and a 2nd dose of Varicella
Immunizations required for 6th grade are one dose of Meningococcal and one dose of Tdap. 
Dental Exams
Dental Exams are required for incoming Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 6th grade students.
Vision Exams
All children enrolling in kindergarten and any student enrolling for the first time are required to have an eye examination. 
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