Saint Andrew School
Extended Care

General Information

Saint Andrew School Extended Care Program is located in the cafeteria. The after school hours for Extended Care are 3:00 to 5:30 P.M. on school days that Saint Andrew School is in session and will open on early dismissal days from time of dismissal to 5:30 P.M unless otherwise noted on the school calendar, website or through school messenger. All students not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal are required to go to Extended Care.


AFTER SCHOOL (Times may vary.)

3:00 Attendance

3:15-3:45 Play period, Snacks

3:45-4:30 Homework

4:30-5:30 Activity, Games or Movie

**OUTDOOR PLAY : All children are required to go outside, weather permitting and parents are expected to dress their children accordingly. Parent(s) must send a written note if a child should NOT go outdoors due to illness.

After – school sign out

Parent/guardian may assist the child/children in collecting any personal belongings and then signing them out on the attendance log by recording the time you are leaving and initialing in the space provided. Children are not allowed to sign themselves out.

Authorization for pickup

Saint Andrew School must have prior notice in advance if someone will be picking up your child/children that are not listed on the school registration. Any person that the staff does not recognized will be required to show a government issued photo ID before staff will release the child/children and we will compare their name to the names that are authorized to pick up child/children.

Please Note  

  • Cellphones are to be in the student’s backpack at all times.
  • Students may bring appropriate play clothes to change into.
  • Electronics or toys may not be brought to extended care


Extended Care follows the same policy of discipline as stated in the parent-student handbook


$3.00 - 1 hour or less per child (15 minute grace period) per child for first hour

$7.50 - per day for anything over 1 hour (maximum 3:00-5:30) per child

$10.00 - per day for 2pm dismissal days per child

$15.00 - per day for Noon Dismissal days (12:00 to 5:30) per child

Drop-Ins: Only when space is available. Call the school office and leave a message. The program coordinator will return your call as soon as possible. Please try to give at least a 24 hour notice. If you have a special work situation, contact Saint Andrew School, 687-2013 ext. 221


  • PAYMENT is due on the last day of each week your child attends unless other arrangements are made. Checks are to be written to Saint Andrew Extended Care and should not be combined with other school fees. Checks should be turned into the coordinator. Fees for "DROP-INS" are expected to be paid on the same day. If your family is having financial difficulties and you cannot make a payment on time, please contact the school principal.
  • LATE PAYMENTS if payment is not received within two weeks of the due bill your children may not be accepted into Extended Care until the bill is paid.
  • CLOSING TIME is 5:30 P.M. Failure to pick up children by 5:30 P.M. will result in a $1.00 per minute fine which is to be paid upon pick up of your child(ren).


If parents need to change days or hours of attendance, please discuss with coordinator or call the school office.

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