Sherri Schumacher

The Week of May 18-22

  I will show 2 videos this week one about self-respect and one defining sexuality.  Then on May 26 and 28, Dr. Ripperda and Ms. Martin will assist me with the male and female human anatomy videos and discussions.  

Tentative Lesson Plans

Spelling - words: Animal Encounters Reading Writing Workshop

      Assignments:  Practice Book pages 365-367

Tests:  Practice Test on Wednesday and Test on Friday

Math -  Chapter 9 Lessons 6-9

  Assignments: workbook pages 106-109

 Quiz:  Friday over Chapter 9 Lessons 6-9

English - Writing Compare and Contrast 

Social Studies - Chapter 8 Lesson 1&2 review

  Assignments: lesson 3&4 worksheets

Test:  Friday

 Religion - Chapter 19 Test Wednesday

Science - Chapter 12 Lesson 3 worksheet and review

Test: Thursday

Reading - Story: A Boy Called Slow

Assignments:  PB pages 273-277 

Test:  Friday